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As a small, family owned business our goal is to equip you with the information you need to make the most of your purchase.

Committed to providing you excellent service every time.


Our commitment to providing you, the client, with excellent sales service is our primary focus. We strive to make your purchase of a semi, trailer, dump truck or even a camper or 4 wheel drive truck, as smooth and efficient as possible. Developing lasting relationships with repeat business is the cornerstone of our customer commitment.

Advantage sales

680 Township Road 217, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311, USA

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Heavy Equipment in Bellefontaine, Ohio


  • Van Harvey         (Owner)
  • Vicki Harvey       (Accountant)
  • ​Jordan Harvey    (Consultant)



Dedicated to helping you achieve your goals is our main focus.


        If we do not have the item you need, we will make every effort            to locate one for you, or direct you to where you may find it.

  • box vans
  • semis
  • 4 W.D. trucks
  • trailers
  • campers
  • motorhomes
  • passenger vehicles
  • utility trailers
  • asphalt pavers
  • stripers
  • ​and more . . . 


Striving For Excellence


Your success is our success. We work with our clients tirelessly to get the piece of equipment you need. Your business goals are our focus. This dedication to customer service enables us to maintain our goals while equipping you with the tools you need for your endeavors.